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11 reasons to attend the Smart Automotive Variant CON 2017

  1. Discover how to integrate complexity in an existing or new product to establish product development processes for platforms.
  2. Explore the main requirements for platform structure needed to manage the balance between global product platform and localized products.
  3. Learn from key industry players how to modularize existing products into building blocks for product platforms.
  4. Discuss what the critical number of variants is – And who decides this?
  5. Understand how to establish the right measurements of success of a product platform.
  6. Debate and define central processes, methods and requirements for tools based variant analysis and complexity forecast.
  7. Get insights into configuration lifecycle management: From design to delivered and serviced vehicles.
  8. Team up with industry leaders and discuss the impact of agile development on variant management.
  9. Explore how product configuration on the Internet of Things works and how are we to handle that?
  10. Explore modularization models and frameworks for successful product-service-systems engineering.
  11. Discuss how model based system engineering methods help to control complexity.

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  • "The networking was better than on any other event!"
    Lena Hoffmann, Zühlke Engineering

  • "
    Engaging key stakeholders in open discusions."
    Hendrik Frank, VW AG

  • "Just a great event!"
    Milos Purkert, ŠKODA AUTO a.s

  • "
    Perfect mixture of companies, people and responsibilities. The voting system was very valuable"
    Thorsten Köhler, Continental

  • "
    Great conference with interesting presentations and great community."
    Luis Barbarro Gil, PSA

  • "Germany's most important IoT event!"

    Marten Schirge, Device Insight

  • "Interesting and inspiring information exchange!"

    Benjamin Kirchner, Merck

  • "Tremendous input and overview, good examples and formats to recognize relevance for own business context."

    Hannes Erler, Swarovski

  • "A great introduction to the Internet of Things, and the possibilities for the industry."

    Sander Bel, Mars

  • "An interesting conference on IoT with many interesting speakers."

    Wilfried Reimann, Daimler

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